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Jennifer is a 500-Hour Yoga Instructor, High School Spanish Teacher, and former ballet instructor. Her yoga studies have been with Organic Yoga and TriCity Yoga, Yoga Farm Ithica, Shanti Atma Yoga, and Yoga International with 30+ Hours of Yin Yoga training.


Jennifer's dream is to inspire change and be the change she wishes to see in the world. She wants to impact as many live as she can to inspire growth and development to be the best version of themselves on a daily basis. She wishes to help others be who they are with authenticity. 





Kailin is a certified 500-Hour Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master, and Sound Therapist from Scranton, PA. Kailin's teaching style is intuitive, informed, and inclusive. She works diligently to ensure all of her students and clients feel comfortable and inspired to grow!

Kailin is passionate about sharing her in-depth expertise in yoga philosophy, sound healing, and energy work to help you find balance in your life. Her classes and private sessions are designed intentionally to help you find relief from chronic stress by learning time-tested techniques to calm the nervous system. Practicing with Kailin helps you clear away tension, fear, and doubt to rediscover the path back to yourself.

Kailin's gentle nature and light-hearted personality create a safe and supportive environment for diving deep into your own self-development. When we unravel past traumas, release old patterns, and heal the body through breath and movement, we finally begin to rewrite our life stories. Are you ready to live a life of fulfillment, empowerment, and peace? Together anything is possible!


Reiki & Sound Healing Sessions
1 Hour + 30 Min Consultation = $100

1:1 Yoga and/or Meditation Sessions
1 Hour = $75



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Meet Kelsey-Jean! A small town NEPA native, she's always had a passion to help and educate others from a young age. While an excellent student and athlete, she began her service to others as a volunteer EMT/firefighter in her local communities during high school. Upon graduating, she navigated further education eventually graduating paramedic school, but she was burnt out and unsatisfied.


She then entered the hospitality field as a dishwasher. With a great deal of dedicated, self study, and perseverance, she rose to sous chef within 4 years in one of the Poconos top rated fine dining restaurants. Still navigating through her passions and future endeavors, a tragic fire took the life of Kelseys brother a few years ago.

She was devasted and fell into a deep, dark depression using alcohol to numb herself. She stopped eating, stopped caring about anyone and herself and became quite suicidal. One cold, wet March day, she was beyond overwhelmed and left her house for a run for the first time in years. She ran, and ran, and ran.

It was then she had an epiphany and knew if she didn't change her life, she would no longer have one. So she did just that. She lost 50 lbs with exercise and changed eating habits and epiphany struck again; Kelsey-Jean knew other people struggled out there as she did and she made a vow to guide others in their health journeys with exercise and food.  

As a CPT, Kelsey's philosophy is that exercise is for everyone and to uncomplicate nutrition. She holds multiple certifications from elite fitness trainer to TRX, nutrition to online coaching, and is one of the areas only pre/postnatal performance trainers focusing on pelvic floor strength and strength through pregnancy.


She teaches a vast variety of classes such as pilates, aqua, mobility, trampoline, weightlifting, running, rowing, and more. Suffering for eating disorders herself, Kelsey also coaches nutrition clients looking to loose weight, cook more, heal their food relationships, and stop yo yo dieting through an intuitive eating and habitual based approach.  

In addition to teaching group fitness classes, Kelsey-Jean offers one on one training and coaching in person and online whether it be sport specific conditioning, nutrition and wellness, strength and endurance, and more. Individualized programming begins at $125 and one on one sessions are $70. She also still shares her love of food through baking. Multiple pastry options available. Prices vary.  

Questions or inquires? Contact Kelsey-Jean directly via email or by phone at 570 290 0360. You can also find her on FB and IG under Kelsey-Jean Miller. 



Alex is a 200-Hour Yoga Instructor and is passionate about people and animals alike. He fosters dogs, enjoys taking roadtrips, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. Nothing brings him more joy than guiding and helping others and he is very dedicated to practice and self-development.





Brenda has been practicing yoga 12 years and teaching for 11 years. She brings a love of yoga and fitness to her classes. Brenda is caring and compassionate and her personality is out-going. She loves to have fun and interact with her students. Her passion and teaching style is to help others and bring out the best in them by motivating in a kind and loving way. She loves to teach and it his her hope to always make a positive difference in her student's practice and fitness goals.



Miranda is a certified 200-Hour Yoga Teacher & Transformation Coach in training. Originally from Yonkers, New York, she currently lives in the endless mountains of NEPA.


Miranda is empowering and positive! Her practice focuses on self love, meeting yourself on the mat and harnessing to the possibility of being the best version of yourself.


Miranda is currently teaching HOT 60, a variation of 26 & 2 postures and is certified in Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga. Each class will be a little different, but will have the same rules:


1. Everyone is welcome!

2. Every posture can be modified to your comfort.

3. You will be accepted and honored just as you are.

4. You are here for a reason. 


Private Sessions in Studio

1 Hour Sessions - $115

Miranda Miaris (Amira)



Emma Kate Keller 500HR RYT, ChildLight Yoga Trained and CHHC, has never felt as confident in any aspect of her life as she does when her feet meet her Yoga Mat and practice begins. Introduced to Yoga in college she saw the many benefits for a person dealing with past pain and the ebbs and flows of young adult life. It was not until she stepped into her first Ashtanga class in 2015 that she fell in love, just a short year later she made the decision to start her training to learn how to help others find the joy that she did from such a wonderful practice.

Emma loves the healing power of Reiki. Since childhood Reiki has been a big part of her life, her mom used to do treatments on her as a child and it carried on into adulthood. Emma loves seeing the impact it has on those who she treats. It’s such a beautiful practice! 

Emma's true passion is helping people young and old find balance , release negative energy and get to know their true selves with the use of Yoga, mindfulness and wellness practices.

200 hr Boundless Yoga Teacher Training
300 hr Boundless Yoga Teacher Training
ChildLight Yoga 
Reiki Level 1
Reiki Level 2
Thai Yoga Massage- Swhadharma Yoga



Leslie is a 500 RYT, specializing in Y12SR and currently working on her C-IAYT.

“I just want to share my practice with as many people as possible and spread awareness that we can heal ourselves from a lot of stresses, injuries, and illnesses"



Tammy is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, with an additional 50 hours in Yin yoga. She is a native to the area, and started practicing in 2018 as a form of exercise. She quickly learned there is so much more to yoga beyond the physical aspect. 

Forever a student with a thirst for knowledge she began teacher training to expand her own practice. Becoming an instructor was not her initial intention but as training progressed she quickly realized she wanted to share her passion with others.
Tammy's focus is with Yin and Restorative yoga. Knowing that if you give yourself permission to slow down, and connect within, that is where you find your true self.

Tammy creates a welcoming space for all, and enjoys seeing her students have breakthrough moments.



Elizabeth is a native of Tunkhannock who has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching for the last 5. Although her speciality is prenatal yoga, she has created a yoga flow suitable for all yoga levels. Her yoga experience, connection with Mother Nature, and energy work creates a start to your day you never knew you needed.



I have been practicing yoga for five years, really focusing on classrooms and one on one practice throughout the last year. As a beginner yogi, I realistically just wanted an exercise program that I would stick to. Even if just for 10 minutes a day, that was a huge accomplishment.


What I didn’t realize were all the tools I would learn on that mat that I could take off the mat. From breathing techniques, to calming my nervous system, gaining muscle, confidence, and just gracefully walking into a room.  Those are the parts of yoga I want to share with everyone. The hidden gems that strengthen not just your body, but more importantly your mind. Each time you get off the mat, you will feel closer to yourself and your purpose.


My goal is to share how you will be a better version of yourself through the practice of yoga. Let’s spark that flame from within. It starts with you. Get yourself comfy, and join me.



Peggy Babcock is the sole owner of Endless Mountain Hot Yoga since 2018 and is a 200-Hour Certified Yoga Intructor. To Peggy, her students, as well as her staff, mean everything to her. She will do anything she can to help whomever is in need and make sure they can get the help they need in everyday life and yoga. She enjoys being the owner and is always looking for new classes to accomidate her students needs.



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